Wraptor launches its Vitale Web 2 solution

Press release of 28/06/2021 – La Bourse et la Vie


Wraptor, editor of solutions for healthcare professionals, is developing its offer by announcing the version 2 of VITALE-WEB. This strategic announcement allows the editor to comply with the new technological standards in force in terms of web browsing and to meet the expectations of its publishing partners who must integrate the information held on a health card into their application.


Through this solution, it is possible to manage reading operations without a CPS card (reading beneficiary identification and attachment data, reading other non-sensitive information, etc.), but also those that require the use of a CPS card (reading sensitive data). The data contained in the patient’s health insurance card is then transmitted securely to the editor’s application.


This new solution, certified by the GIE SESAM-Vitale, is compatible with Windows and Mac and therefore allows health solution editors to read and integrate health data from the carte vitale.


Patrick DESOT, President of Wraptor ” This new version is proof of our ability to allow editors of business solutions to easily access and integrate data from the carte vitale. We are therefore positioning ourselves as a real partner to enable them to carry out this operation easily and without constraints. Finally, it should be noted that reading the health insurance card is a prerequisite for the implementation of INS searches and that our VITALE-WEB V2 solution provides a concrete response to this issue.