Jeebop’s monitoring tool evolves

Article published on 07/12/2020 in ITNumeric

Wraptor, editor of specialized solutions dedicated to healthcare professionals, continues to innovate by announcing the progress of its current supervisor and the availability of a new supervision tool within its EAI platform Jeebop.

Already incorporating a supervision tool aimed at the IT department in charge of operating the solution, Jeebop now benefits from a new business-oriented module: the business supervisor.

Available in web mode for extended accessibility to all market environments (tablet and PC), the historical supervisor is used to warn IT teams in real time in the event of incidents on flows. For its part, the new business supervisor is aimed at two types of non-technical population: administrator and user. The administrator will be able to create views and dashboards on the data, while the user will be able to use the views and search the data by filters. For example, the user can display the list of patients entered on a given day and then filter by destination department.

The business supervisor thus provides access to many operational benefits:

  • A use designed for business and non-technical populations
  • The ability to customise data views and to export or import views
  • A filtering function by institution for groups
  • Access to BI functions for better management with the possibility of knowing the status of the data issued

Patrick DESOT, Wraptor’s President: “The aspects related to supervision are strategic elements for the users of our solution. Through the evolution of our offer, which adapts to new uses in terms of mobility, and the launch of our business supervisor, we are showing our commitment to effectively meeting the expectations of the various types of Jeebop users.