The ARS Centre-Val de Loire deploys the MSSanté secured messaging with Wraptor

The ARS Centre-Val de Loire deploys secure messaging with Wraptor, Press release published in on 28/01/2021

Wraptor, publisher of solutions for healthcare professionals, is assisting the ARS Centre-Val de Loire in the implementation of MSSanté secure messaging.

The Val de Loire Regional Health Agency defines and implements health policy in the region. It operates in the field of health in its entirety: prevention and health promotion, health monitoring and safety, organisation of the supply of outpatient care and care in health establishments, organisation of medico-social care.

It is thus positioned as a key partner of regional health actors and is responsible for piloting large-scale projects, such as health information exchange. It is in this context that the concept of secure health messaging has become a strategic project, particularly in the context of the launch of a pilot project initiated in 2017.

On this occasion, the Agency had to select an MSSanté technology that would enable it to implement its projects. After consulting market offers, it turned to Wraptor’s offer for its ability to integrate essential points (interoperability, openness, secure messaging, simplified link with the DMP, etc.). Since then, several hundred messaging systems have been successfully deployed in various establishments (laboratories, hospitals, medico-social establishments, etc.).

Moreover, with the Covid-19 health crisis, projects have multiplied, leading to the opening of new messaging systems for exchanging sensitive information. From a central area, the ARS is therefore able to respond easily to this need by relying on Wraptor’s technology. New structures such as occupational health services or school medicine were thus able to access secure messaging. Temporary mailboxes for certain service providers have also been opened to simplify and secure the management of pandemic-related exchanges. All of this implementation is carried out centrally and very simply, which helps to ensure the smooth flow of digitally exchanged information.

Secure exchanges, flexibility of deployment, reactivity of the Wraptor teams and a competitive financial approach are therefore the elements at the origin of the success of the cooperation between the ARS Centre-Val de Loire and Wraptor.

Dominique PIERRE, Health IS Project Manager and HOP’EN referent : “Wraptor was able to meet our expectations perfectly and offers us a solution that allows us to continuously adapt to the new challenges of health professionals. The use of their solution during the health crisis we are experiencing takes part in this dynamic and allows health professionals and associated structures to carry out their exchanges of sensitive information in a secure manner and in any situation (on site or in mobility). The interoperability of Wraptor’s solution is also a key point that allows us to project ourselves on new projects that will allow us to design IS that are ever more connected, efficient and secure in order to allow healthcare professionals to fulfil their various missions.”