Wraptor and Terenui obtain DMP V2 certification

Press release in InformatiqueNews of 04/05/2021

Wraptor, publisher of an EAI platform, and Terenui, designer of a range of software for health care institutions, have validated their DMP V2 certification.

Following the certification of its JEEBOP EAI, Wraptor has launched a new DMP V2 certification process with Terenui to comply with current regulations. In this context, the two partners can now propose and roll out their offer to healthcare professionals in full compliance with DMP V2. Wraptor and Terenui are already in the process of finalising numerous projects, such as at the Ambroise Paré, Pierre Cherest and Hartmann clinics in Neuilly sur Seine.

Through this announcement, Wraptor also wishes to highlight its role as a facilitator for the editors with whom it works to enable them to quickly become DMP V2 certified.

Patrick DESOT, President of Wraptor: “Any publisher who wishes to feed the DMP can call on Wraptor to access a common certification. This will allow them to benefit from a DMP feed without going through a specific development and to avoid a long homologation procedure thanks to the JEEBOP connector. Finally, Wraptor is offering support to its publisher partners within the framework of the “Ségur de la Santé” so that they can be DMP approved and compatible with MS Santé.”