Wraptor announces the avialability of the mobile version of MSSPro

GlobeNewsWire article of 12 November 2020

Wraptor, provider of solutions for healthcare professionals, continues to innovate and evolve its solutions by announcing the availability of the mobile version of MSSPro, its Secure Health Messaging solution.

MSSPro allows medical data to be exchanged in complete confidence, even when on the move. This meets the needs of healthcare professionals who need to exchange medical data when travelling to and from patients, and outside healthcare facilities.

Available on Android and Ios, the mobile version of the MSSPro solution facilitates the use of messaging: easy authentication, taking pictures directly from the MSSPro application, easy sending of a picture or a document on the phone via MSSPro.

In addition, the mobile application includes the classic features of managing favourites, groups and sorting messages by folder.

Patrick Desot, President of Wraptor: “This 100% mobile application is a pragmatic response to the expectations of healthcare professionals who need to be able to exchange sensitive information in a secured environment and in all circumstances. The use of MSSanté is nowadays unavoidable, so it is important to provide operational answers.”