Wraptor introduces its Biomed solution

Article from channelnews dated 16/03/2021

Wraptor, editor of solutions for healthcare professionals, continues to evolve its offer to meet their new usages by presenting its Biomed solution, a new generation offer that enables the collection of vital constants from biomedical devices and transforms them into HL7s that can be integrated into patient files. In doing so, Wraptor demonstrates its ability to integrate into its offer, the new connected devices used by healthcare professionals.

The complexity of the systems and equipment used on a daily basis by healthcare professionals (monitors, respirators, etc.) and the many processes that govern them generate a mass of heterogeneous data to be managed, often synonymous with numerous complexities: risk of errors, lack of data history, etc. All these elements are therefore major risks that impact the productivity of teams.

In this context, Wraptor has developed its Biomed solution to ensure the management of all devices by adapting protocols and formats, taking into account the management of correspondence tables and allowing the integration of collected data in the patient file. With these elements, Biomed is also able to support connected objects (thermometers, oximeters, blood pressure monitors, etc.) as part of the improvement of the care pathway, in particular postoperative, allowing a permanent monitoring of patients when they return home.

Patrick DESOT, President of Wraptor : “Thanks to our Biomed solution, it is notably possible to ensure better patient care in services that are often critical and highly solicited in the context of the health crisis linked to COVID19. The constants measured by the devices are then directly integrated in a secured manner into the patient file, which provides a consolidated view of the data in real time for better monitoring.”

Time saving for the medical staff, data transfer via a flow from the block planning, association of devices to the patient via a user-friendly graphical interface and instant retrieval of data from all biomedical devices are therefore the major benefits linked to the use of the Wraptor Biomed solution.