Wraptor achieves DMP V2 approval

Article from “Solutions Numériques” dated 03.24.2020

With this announcement, the editor once again demonstrates its ability to position itself as a strategic partner for healthcare institutions that must successfully complete their digital transformation while complying with regulatory requirements.

Already DMP V1 certified since 2008, Wraptor has taken another step forward and confirmed the certification of its Jeebop DMP connector for the creation and supply of DMPs using indirect authentification. Thus, healthcare institutions that will have to migrate and upgrade their information systems to comply with DMP V2 will be able to rely on Wraptor’s offer. It should also be noted that Wraptor’s solution will enable healthcare solution publishers to comply with the regulations in force in order to benefit from a DMP feed without having to go through development and a lengthy approval procedure.

In the end, Wraptor’s solution ensures the creation of DMPs from the administrative management system and the feeding of the DMP from the patient file, while guaranteeing the confidentiality of the data and the security of the transfers. In addition, the DMP connector enables the requirements of the HOP’EN project to be met, in terms of the DMP being fed by health establishments.

Patrick DESOT, President of Wraptor: “We are proud to have obtained this homologation, which highlights our ability to design high-performance solutions that are adapted to the expectations of healthcare professionals. Through our offer, our clients can thus comply with the new regulations for managing the DMP.”

The clinic Centre Chirurgical des Princes in Boulogne-Billancourt chooses the EAI Jeebop Santé

Press release on Informatique News of 05 May 2020

Wraptor, editor of solutions for healthcare professionals, meets the expectations of the Centre Chirurgical des Princes in Boulogne-Billancourt by supporting it in the evolution of its information system and the interfacing of its business applications with the Emed Electronic Patient Record from CS3I/Nexus.

The Centre Chirurgical des Princes is specialised in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, maxillofacial surgery and digestive endoscopy. It also has expertise in ophthalmological surgery and interventional phlebology. https://centredesprinces.fr/

Within the framework of the evolution of its IS, the Centre Chirurgical des Princes wished to modernise the processing of its management operations, in particular by deploying the Emed Electronic Patient File from CS3I/Nexus.

In this context, the communication of this environment with the other applications used has become a strategic issue. To guarantee the success of this implementation, the use of a business EAI was decided: the Jeebop santé solution published by Wraptor was selected.

Coordinated by MEG Assistance, a specialist in IT production assistance services, the implementation of the project was a success. In concrete terms, Jeebop Santé handles all the administrative flows between the administrative management and the patient file, the flows with the Syseo digital dictation system and soon the document feedback from the Biology and Anapath laboratories. The EAI therefore plays a key role in the smooth running of the system, interoperability and the opening up of the Surgical Centre’s information system.

Patrick Desot, President of Wraptor: “We are proud to have been able to position ourselves as a central brick in the process of implementing the Electronic Patient Record. Our business approach coupled with a proven technology deployed in several hundred establishments has made the difference and will allow the clinic to rely on a high-performance, open IS that will allow them to streamline their management processes. In the end, the quality of the patient relationship and the working comfort of the teams will be significantly improved.”

Resilience and inter-application connectivity: 2 imperatives for hospital information system

IT Social article of 27 May 2020

More than ever before, the information systems of healthcare professionals are being put to the test, particularly in view of the health crisis we are experiencing. In this context, it is clear that the notions of good application communication, resilience and taking into account the new devices deployed, such as connected objects, have become strategic data.


Making numerous applications communicate and coexist

On this point, each year we are witnessing an increase in the number of applications used by healthcare professionals. This trend is part and parcel of the digitisation of healthcare establishments and the gradual implementation of the Digital Hospital Plan. The challenge is therefore clearly to make all the operations of healthcare establishments more fluid in order to facilitate the work of healthcare and administrative teams and, ultimately, to significantly improve the quality of the patient relationship.

Perfect interoperability of the information system is therefore a key component to be implemented. In this sense, the use of so-called “EAI” platforms seems to be becoming widespread today and is becoming a real prerequisite for building a high-performance, communicating IS that is open to internal applications, but also to the IS of external partners.


The impact of connected objects

The rise of connected technologies has also greatly changed the way traditional management processes are used. As a result, dozens of sensors, tablets and other connected equipment are now found in hospital rooms, corridors, meeting rooms, etc. All of these devices collect strategic data. All this equipment collects strategic data that must be shared and integrated into the information system. Here again, interfacing is an absolute necessity. This data is a key point that must be taken into account by Information Systems Departments.


Creating resilient information systems

These different elements highlight the fact that the IS must continue to modernise and integrate new components (applications and hardware) in order to be operational, scalable and resilient. This sensitive point is a key issue in the field of healthcare, because the HIS must be permanently operational in view of the criticality of the data that passes through it. A paralysis of the IS can have serious consequences which are therefore unacceptable.

One thing is certain, the last few weeks have left their mark on people’s minds and will have a profound impact on health-related issues in the long term. In this context, the digitisation of the hospital should continue to accelerate in order to enable it to maintain a level of excellence and to offer ever higher quality in terms of care and patient relations.

Wraptor expands its growth with MSSPro, its MSSanté solution

ITNUMERICS press release of 17 June 2020

Wraptor, publisher of solutions for healthcare professionals, is continuing to grow, thanks to the widespread distribution of its MSSPro solution during the Covid-19 period.

In concrete terms, MSSPro enables medical data to be exchanged in complete confidence and access to be secured through the use of the CPS card or strong OTP authentication. Requiring no installation on client workstations, usage is transparent for users who find their MSSanté messages in their usual mailbox for the connector version. Deployment is immediate for the SAS version.

This acceleration in the use of the MSSPro solution can be explained in particular by the consequences of the health crisis, a crisis that has clearly accelerated the need to use trusted solutions that allow health data to be exchanged securely:

  •  exchanges with the Covid centres (reception point for screening)
  • exchanges with laboratories for analysis results
  • exchanges of reports with attending physicians
  • exchanges with the ARS for epidemiological monitoring
  • exchanges between health establishments and outpatient medicine.

Wraptor has also seen new uses emerge in terms of medical data exchange at the level of national laboratory groups and Laboratory Management System editors, public authorities or even clinics and hospitals. In this context, Wraptor is already planning to develop its solution over the next few months, in particular by offering a mobile application dedicated to MSSanté on Android and Ios, for easier use anywhere.

Patrick DESOT, President of Wraptor: “We are proud to assist our customers in this period of major health crisis by enabling them to exchange medical information in complete security. Our MSSPro solution perfectly meets the different expectations and new uses of healthcare professionals.”

Wraptor helps the Saint-Hilaire clinic of Rouen to upgrade its IS

Press release of 10/09/2020 – Informatique News

Wraptor, editor of solutions for healthcare professionals, is helping the Saint-Hilaire Clinic in Rouen to secure its exchanges and integrate new business flows.

The Saint-Hilaire clinic is a recognized medical-surgical establishment which gathers competences in specialized fields. It offers an innovative and cross-disciplinary range of care to best meet the expectations of patients and the concerns of health professionals. It has 223 beds and places and a team of 390 employees and 100 practitioners.

In order to modernize its management operations, the Saint-Hilaire clinic of Rouen wanted to consider the subjects related to the security of its electronic messaging exchanges and the integration of business flows as a strategic priority. In this context, it decided to reach out to Wraptor for the quality of its solutions and its capacity to accompany them from the beginning to the end in this project. It is within this frame that the MSSPro and Jeebop EAI solutions were selected.

MSSPro will allow the clinic to seamlessly integrate MSS emails into its usual messaging environments and exchange information in total security. The Jeebop EAI will eventually integrate all of the clinic’s flows (both internal and external). In this context, the clinic’s IT team will be supported throughout the project and trained on EAI for the supervision and handling of the simplest flows. Finally, a project will be carried out to automatically integrate the analyses of biomedical equipment into the Electronic Patient Record.

Patrick DESOT, President of Wraptor: ” We are proud to accompany the Saint-Hilaire clinic of Rouen in the evolution of its HIS. We are going to deploy various solutions that will allow it to fluidify the processing of its operations, and this, in complete security. Our MSSpro and Jeebop solutions are at the heart of this strategic and structuring modernisation for the clinic.”

Effective hospital management, a strategic imperative

Article published in the Décideur Public 27/10/2020

The Health field, like other markets such as industry and energy, is one of the most strategic sectors on a national scale. In this context, it is clear that the latter must rely on efficient, secure and agile infrastructures in order to continuously adapt to new uses. On this point, digital technology is a powerful ally that makes it possible to rationalise management operations in order to make the processing of transactions more fluid.


The central role of the Hospital Information System (HIS)

As we have mentioned, IT is a strategic point for healthcare professionals. Indeed, the HIS is becoming increasingly complex and must now be able to process and automate numerous management processes. But how can such a project, which requires increasingly complex parameters to be taken into account, be successfully completed? Let’s not forget that the HIS is an assembly of heterogeneous technologies and business solutions, not to mention the generalization of subjects related to mobility or the Internet of Things. All these elements are structural points that need to be well integrated.


The importance of data and good applicative communication

Data processing is the basis for the proper functioning of the HIS. Thus, a good aggregation of data in order to facilitate the processing of current operations is fundamental. It is then a question of making heterogeneous applications communicate with each other. However, this cannot be done easily without the support of systems such as EAI platforms, which make it possible to establish this link and unify the processing of operations.

It is then possible to aggregate data internal to the Hospital Information System, but also data flows from external partners. Finally, let us not forget the subject of the DMP, which must also be supplied with health data from hospital services in particular.


Ensuring flawless security for information exchange

Here too, this is a sensitive issue, particularly with regard to exchanges by electronic mail. On this point, one thing is certain: it is important to respect strict protocols such as the “MSSanté” secure health messaging system. This makes it possible to guarantee real security and confidentiality of exchanges. Here again, the combination of technologies with the consideration of specificities and business regulations is a prerequisite.

These different elements highlight the fact that it is essential not to make the wrong technological choices. Hospitals in the midst of change must therefore make the right choices in order to build reliable, high-performance and scalable systems that can meet the new challenges of the sector.

Wraptor announces the avialability of the mobile version of MSSPro

GlobeNewsWire article of 12 November 2020

Wraptor, provider of solutions for healthcare professionals, continues to innovate and evolve its solutions by announcing the availability of the mobile version of MSSPro, its Secure Health Messaging solution.

MSSPro allows medical data to be exchanged in complete confidence, even when on the move. This meets the needs of healthcare professionals who need to exchange medical data when travelling to and from patients, and outside healthcare facilities.

Available on Android and Ios, the mobile version of the MSSPro solution facilitates the use of messaging: easy authentication, taking pictures directly from the MSSPro application, easy sending of a picture or a document on the phone via MSSPro.

In addition, the mobile application includes the classic features of managing favourites, groups and sorting messages by folder.

Patrick Desot, President of Wraptor: “This 100% mobile application is a pragmatic response to the expectations of healthcare professionals who need to be able to exchange sensitive information in a secured environment and in all circumstances. The use of MSSanté is nowadays unavoidable, so it is important to provide operational answers.”

Jeebop’s monitoring tool evolves

Article published on 07/12/2020 in ITNumeric

Wraptor, editor of specialized solutions dedicated to healthcare professionals, continues to innovate by announcing the progress of its current supervisor and the availability of a new supervision tool within its EAI platform Jeebop.

Already incorporating a supervision tool aimed at the IT department in charge of operating the solution, Jeebop now benefits from a new business-oriented module: the business supervisor.

Available in web mode for extended accessibility to all market environments (tablet and PC), the historical supervisor is used to warn IT teams in real time in the event of incidents on flows. For its part, the new business supervisor is aimed at two types of non-technical population: administrator and user. The administrator will be able to create views and dashboards on the data, while the user will be able to use the views and search the data by filters. For example, the user can display the list of patients entered on a given day and then filter by destination department.

The business supervisor thus provides access to many operational benefits:

  • A use designed for business and non-technical populations
  • The ability to customise data views and to export or import views
  • A filtering function by institution for groups
  • Access to BI functions for better management with the possibility of knowing the status of the data issued

Patrick DESOT, Wraptor’s President: “The aspects related to supervision are strategic elements for the users of our solution. Through the evolution of our offer, which adapts to new uses in terms of mobility, and the launch of our business supervisor, we are showing our commitment to effectively meeting the expectations of the various types of Jeebop users.

The ARS Centre-Val de Loire deploys the MSSanté secured messaging with Wraptor

The ARS Centre-Val de Loire deploys secure messaging with Wraptor, Press release published in CloudMagazine.fr on 28/01/2021

Wraptor, publisher of solutions for healthcare professionals, is assisting the ARS Centre-Val de Loire in the implementation of MSSanté secure messaging.

The Val de Loire Regional Health Agency defines and implements health policy in the region. It operates in the field of health in its entirety: prevention and health promotion, health monitoring and safety, organisation of the supply of outpatient care and care in health establishments, organisation of medico-social care.

It is thus positioned as a key partner of regional health actors and is responsible for piloting large-scale projects, such as health information exchange. It is in this context that the concept of secure health messaging has become a strategic project, particularly in the context of the launch of a pilot project initiated in 2017.

On this occasion, the Agency had to select an MSSanté technology that would enable it to implement its projects. After consulting market offers, it turned to Wraptor’s offer for its ability to integrate essential points (interoperability, openness, secure messaging, simplified link with the DMP, etc.). Since then, several hundred messaging systems have been successfully deployed in various establishments (laboratories, hospitals, medico-social establishments, etc.).

Moreover, with the Covid-19 health crisis, projects have multiplied, leading to the opening of new messaging systems for exchanging sensitive information. From a central area, the ARS is therefore able to respond easily to this need by relying on Wraptor’s technology. New structures such as occupational health services or school medicine were thus able to access secure messaging. Temporary mailboxes for certain service providers have also been opened to simplify and secure the management of pandemic-related exchanges. All of this implementation is carried out centrally and very simply, which helps to ensure the smooth flow of digitally exchanged information.

Secure exchanges, flexibility of deployment, reactivity of the Wraptor teams and a competitive financial approach are therefore the elements at the origin of the success of the cooperation between the ARS Centre-Val de Loire and Wraptor.

Dominique PIERRE, Health IS Project Manager and HOP’EN referent : “Wraptor was able to meet our expectations perfectly and offers us a solution that allows us to continuously adapt to the new challenges of health professionals. The use of their solution during the health crisis we are experiencing takes part in this dynamic and allows health professionals and associated structures to carry out their exchanges of sensitive information in a secure manner and in any situation (on site or in mobility). The interoperability of Wraptor’s solution is also a key point that allows us to project ourselves on new projects that will allow us to design IS that are ever more connected, efficient and secure in order to allow healthcare professionals to fulfil their various missions.”

Wraptor introduces its Biomed solution

Article from channelnews dated 16/03/2021

Wraptor, editor of solutions for healthcare professionals, continues to evolve its offer to meet their new usages by presenting its Biomed solution, a new generation offer that enables the collection of vital constants from biomedical devices and transforms them into HL7s that can be integrated into patient files. In doing so, Wraptor demonstrates its ability to integrate into its offer, the new connected devices used by healthcare professionals.

The complexity of the systems and equipment used on a daily basis by healthcare professionals (monitors, respirators, etc.) and the many processes that govern them generate a mass of heterogeneous data to be managed, often synonymous with numerous complexities: risk of errors, lack of data history, etc. All these elements are therefore major risks that impact the productivity of teams.

In this context, Wraptor has developed its Biomed solution to ensure the management of all devices by adapting protocols and formats, taking into account the management of correspondence tables and allowing the integration of collected data in the patient file. With these elements, Biomed is also able to support connected objects (thermometers, oximeters, blood pressure monitors, etc.) as part of the improvement of the care pathway, in particular postoperative, allowing a permanent monitoring of patients when they return home.

Patrick DESOT, President of Wraptor : “Thanks to our Biomed solution, it is notably possible to ensure better patient care in services that are often critical and highly solicited in the context of the health crisis linked to COVID19. The constants measured by the devices are then directly integrated in a secured manner into the patient file, which provides a consolidated view of the data in real time for better monitoring.”

Time saving for the medical staff, data transfer via a flow from the block planning, association of devices to the patient via a user-friendly graphical interface and instant retrieval of data from all biomedical devices are therefore the major benefits linked to the use of the Wraptor Biomed solution.