Wraptor expands its growth with MSSPro, its MSSanté solution

ITNUMERICS press release of 17 June 2020

Wraptor, publisher of solutions for healthcare professionals, is continuing to grow, thanks to the widespread distribution of its MSSPro solution during the Covid-19 period.

In concrete terms, MSSPro enables medical data to be exchanged in complete confidence and access to be secured through the use of the CPS card or strong OTP authentication. Requiring no installation on client workstations, usage is transparent for users who find their MSSanté messages in their usual mailbox for the connector version. Deployment is immediate for the SAS version.

This acceleration in the use of the MSSPro solution can be explained in particular by the consequences of the health crisis, a crisis that has clearly accelerated the need to use trusted solutions that allow health data to be exchanged securely:

  •  exchanges with the Covid centres (reception point for screening)
  • exchanges with laboratories for analysis results
  • exchanges of reports with attending physicians
  • exchanges with the ARS for epidemiological monitoring
  • exchanges between health establishments and outpatient medicine.

Wraptor has also seen new uses emerge in terms of medical data exchange at the level of national laboratory groups and Laboratory Management System editors, public authorities or even clinics and hospitals. In this context, Wraptor is already planning to develop its solution over the next few months, in particular by offering a mobile application dedicated to MSSanté on Android and Ios, for easier use anywhere.

Patrick DESOT, President of Wraptor: “We are proud to assist our customers in this period of major health crisis by enabling them to exchange medical information in complete security. Our MSSPro solution perfectly meets the different expectations and new uses of healthcare professionals.”