As an health integration software company, Wraptor has been a specialist in flow management since 1998 around its Jeebop platform.

Our job

Jeebop was very successful in hospitals and clinics, and quickly integrated the IHE protocols (HL7, HPRIM, …).
Since then, Jeebop has been installed in hundreds of healthcare structures of all sizes, and many connectors have been added to the platform:

  • The ASIP has approved Jeebop DMP compatible for DMP creation and sending profiles in indirect authentication in 2011.
  • To ensure health safe exchanges, Jeebop has a connector for MSSanté, secured health messaging, in collaboration with ASIP.
  • Since 2013, Jeebop integrates data from biomedical devices into the information system.

We ensure interoperability, supervision and data security among all actors in the healthcare system.

Our organisation

An R&D team
to transform the gray matter into software.

A Service team
to satisfy our customers needs.

A Sales team
to help you to make the best choice.

Our mission

Provide CIOs with solutions to:




To care quality


To patient safety