Interoperability of your health applications

Your users repeatedly enter the same data in different software programs. In addition to the loss of time, this can entail significant risks of errors (duplicates, incorrect entries). You may find that the exchanges of data between your business software programs are not done correctly or are non-existent.

With the EAI (Entreprise Application Integration) Jeebop , you will model and effectively supervise the exchanges of your HIS. Acting as a true multi-outlet, the EAI Jeebop ensures interoperability and workflow management of all internal and external applications. Thanks to the ease of modeling software, you will set up operational interfaces very quickly, whether these are normed or specific. With the aid of the supervision, you will quickly identify the problems and act efficiently in case any anomaly is detected.

Assets and benefits

  • Integration of the existing
  • Synchronization of data between applications
  • Independence in the choice of your new applications
  • Powerful graphic modeling tools
  • Multi-format and multi-protocol mappings (HL7, Hprim ….)
  • Compliance with health standards
  • Incident recovery
  • Overview of real-time alert
  • Supervision of complex data flows and events
  • Connectors MSSanté, DMP, City Medicine, ARS
  • Connectors Treasury, CPAM, Mutuals
  • Connectors Laboratory, Radiology, EFS (ERA & PSL)
  • Connectors for 100% of existing applications
  • Connectors for biomedical devices
  • Connectors for the JIM patient identity server