Secure Exchange Of Your Medical Data

Every day, your establishment communicates by e-mail medical data and you want to secure these sensitive exchanges. You must comply with the regulations and comply with the circular DGOS MSSANTE of 23/12/2014.

With MSSPro , you exchange your medical data with confidence. MSSPro allows you to secure your exchanges through the verification of the validity of certificates and sending data through secure protocol in accordance with the regulations. Since it does not require any installation on client workstations, its usage is transparent for users who find their usual mailboxes. Whether you are an operator (local installation) or you benefit from our status as an operator (HADS hosting), traceability and data security are ensured from the sender to the recipients.

Assets and Benefits

MSSPro :
  • Interoperable solution compatible with your existing tools
  • Compliance with ASIP standards
  • Transparent use for medical personnel
  • Local Proxy or Hosted Operator (HADS)
A complete solution:
  • Provided or existing messaging server
  • Access to the centralized directory updated daily
  • Software and DPI connectors (send to city medicine)
  • Management of lists and certificates
  • Securing health information transfers
  • Legal protection of staff
  • Traceability of trade
  • Save time thanks to the dematerialization of the mail