The Shared Medical Folder

You want to automatically create Shared Medical Folders from your administrative management software, or to feed the DMP from your own Patient Folder software, but your applications are not compatible? With the DMPTransfert connector, certified for creation and powering by indirect authentication, DMP creations are executed in real-time, with complete confidentiality for the patient, and the DMP is powered automatically at the desired frequency, safely. The traceability of exchanges between your HIS and the DMP is managed within the supervisor, in order to be able to quickly identify the problems and to act effectively in case of anomaly detection. The DMPTransfert connector is compatible with the IGC-Santé repository. The connector supports the CDA-R2 format, but can handle any other format that contains the needed data.

Assets and Benefits

  • Creating DMP from Administrative Management Sofware
  • Feeding from the Patient Folder Sofware
  • Indirect authentication
  • Data Confidentiality
  • Transfers security
  • Real-time alert overview
  • CDA-R2 n1 to n3 format management
  • Compatible with IGC-Santé standards
  • Compatible with all data formats