Collect and Integrate Vital Patient Settings into Their Care Records

The vital constants can only be consulted on biomedical devices. You want to access it directly in the patient’s care record. In a simply and secure way, Jeebop Biomed automatically integrates biomedical data in patient records, and so follows reliably step by step the patient care.
Biomedical interoperability allows you to:
– transfer data via a flow from the block planning
– directly associate the device to the patient via a user-friendly graphical interface
– instantly recover data from all of your biomedical devices (monitoring, blood pressure, etc …) in the patient record or any other application of the information system.

Assets and Benefits

  • Automatic upload of constants
  • Patient general supervision
  • Reducing the risk of errors
  • Easy Patient Identification
  • Saves time for medical staff
  • Help with clinical decision-making
  • Compatibility of existing devices with HIS
  • Connection with 100% of biomedical devices
  • Minimum equipment investment