The data mapping in few clicks

Your data is in a different format from that expected by your application? Do you have to conform to a standard format (for example, Chorus for billing) or specific format (a software pivot format) to automatically transmit your data? For lack of compatibility, your users repeatedly enter the same data in different softwares. In addition to the loss of time, this entails significant risks of mistake. You want to automate these transformations to increase productivity.
With Map’n’Flow, you graphically design your data transformation in few clicks. Incorporating an intuitive mapping tool Map’n’Flow generates an executable that performs and automates this process. You can embed this mapping to your planning tool or integrate it into any application.

Assets and Benefits

  • Integration of all existing formats
  • Data mapping between applications
  • Universal connector setup
  • Intuitive modeling tools
  • Multiformat mappings
  • Generating an executable
  • Triggering in real time or on demand
  • Implementation report
  • Can be embedded into any software
  • Single or pack license
  • Adaptation to EDI formats (Chorus, Edifact, Xml-Edi …)
  • Fixed length files, property, separator, Xml
  • FTP, HTTP, SMTP Gateways
  • Input or output connectors for applications
  • Predefined formats