Automatic Incident Alerting and Resolution

Your web server is no longer responding? Your database is full and your applications are no longer working? An empty file blocks the processing of your data? And you are alerted late to incidents that are likely to block your information system.
Jeebop CEP upstream detects, provides automatic resolution solutions, informs the operating personnel and triggers workflow type tasks for resolutions requiring human intervention. Based on the combination of a set of simple events corresponding to a scenario described as rules, Jeebop CEP oversees your complex events, whether technical (advanced supervision) or trades (data analysis), and triggers actions To automatically solve the problem.

Assets and Benefits

Event detection:
  • Files, databases, memory, cpu
  • Products
  • Jeebop or external resources
Event processing:
  • Correlation of events, temporal constraints or sequencing
  • Set of rules that can be set
  • Incident situation detection
  • Processing Workflow
  • System port for automatic action
  • BAM Alert and Operator, M2M
  • Incident detection early
  • Complex situation management
  • Auto Resolution