Wraptor, editor of integration softwares for health, obtains its Qualiopi certification

This Monday, March 14, Wraptor, editor of integration softwares for health, obtained the Qualiopi certification, delivered by Bureau Veritas. It now allows customers who follow the training courses to benefit from a funding by their OPCO, for their training fees.

This event has no backlog effect and only concerns training courses that were started after we acquired our certification and not before.

A certification which testifies the quality of the process of implementation of our trainings.

Our training courses are recognised and the Qualiopi certification testifies their quality, particularly with regard to the support provided to our beneficiaries, the teaching methods and know-how of our trainers, as well as the quality of the relationship we maintain with our trainee clients.

We are now referenced by public and parity funding bodies.

The Qualiopi certification allows us to be referenced for a period of three years with public and parity funders who will finance our clients’ training.

About our training courses

Our training courses are intended for IT teams who wish to use our solutions independently.

They aim to familiarise the IT staff of health care institutions with :

– the development, administration and supervision of inter-application data flows.

– the use and administration of the MSSPro secure health messaging system.

About Qualiopi certification

Created by Law No. 2018-771 of 5 September 2018, qualiopi certification, also known as the “qua-liopi” mark, enables training organisations to be legitimised and their learners to benefit from a refund of training fees.

According to the Ministry of Labour, it can only be issued by a certifying body accredited by the CO-FRAC (French Accreditation Committee) on the basis of the national quality reference. It is the only way for training organisations to be referenced by public and paritarian funders.

The certification is valid for three years (and renewable),  after the approval and the initial audit.